What to do in Nissaki village Posted January 19, 2013


Greece is well known for its rich history, since the ancient days, this nation was known its invasions, conquests and strong kings who ruled for many years. Nowadays, this has changed; many tourists are visiting this place to view the ancient buildings which had elegant structural forms. There are also other reasons as to why most people pay and spend lots of money in this nation. Of the many varying places in Greece, Nissaki village is a paradise on earth. Its glamour and amazing scenery will make you have everlasting memories. There are very many interesting activities that one can carry out in Nissaki village, they include;

Water sport activities

Who wouldn’t die for a chance to adventure the deep seas? Many would because they get a chance of experiencing the sea life. With the availability of boats for hire, people have a greater opportunity of taking rides to deep seas. These boats are either owned by individuals or agencies. These agencies are based in different parts of the Corfu from which they operate. They ensure that people travel safe and have fun on the seas without having to risk their lives. Most of these boats have safety equipments such as floaters, life jackets, first aid kit, flare gun and flash lights. Most of these boats are ridden by experienced coxswain who have adverse knowledge on different conditions of the sea.     

Swimming, skiing and snorkeling are some other major water sport activities carried out on this village. Most people from the west and Europe enjoy taking parts in such actions. Swimming can also be done in the Nissaki apartments where there are swimming pools. Children are only allowed to swim on shallow surfaces or on swimming pools but they have to be checked upon. Skiing is more complex and requires experience and technical know how. Snorkeling also entails skills and one has to careful when in deep waters.

Beach volleyball is also common but not practiced by many people. Have you ever fished? Nissaki village is a fishing zone where locals fish a lot. Tourists are allowed to try fishing with the help of the agencies concerned with sea excursions and also the locals. Water boarding, Banana rides, Ringo and Parasiling are also carried out on this village but only by the people who have experienced it before. Most of these equipments are rented but luckily they are found at very affordable prices. Most tourists travel with their own skiing equipments.

Taking field excursions to the most interesting sites in Nissaki village is another activity that many people prefer. When on a vacation, most like walking down footpaths and lanes leading to beaches to see the beautiful trees such as the olive, mangrove and orange trees. Touring the slopes of Albania has been a common activity in the past. The Pantocrator Mountains also form a glamorous site for people to tour when they are free. The abandoned villages and the marvelous walks down south are some other common places of interest.