Round areas Posted January 19, 2013


Are you one of those people who claim to have toured the world and experienced the beauty of nature until no more? Are you one of those who claim that you have already seen it all? But wait; have had a toured Nissaki village yet? If you haven’t, then you have seen nothing yet. The glamour of this tiny village is outstanding, its small size doesn’t matter but all what is found in it makes the difference. There are many attractive sites starting with the word itself. Nissaki stands for something ‘small’ in Greek; its shape is also appealing when viewed from certain angles, its looks like a horse shoe. There are huge rocks which cover this village on the sides thus forming some cool sites for children to harvest fish and play with other smaller creatures. About 22 kilometers from Corfu, Nissaki is located north east of Corfu Island.

Barbati is one of the many resorts that are near this village. It is where some teenagers go to spend their nights away from the silent Nissaki village. One of the many reasons that people consider before travelling is the places they will be spending their nights. Some places offer quite expensive accommodation but in Nissaki village, low cost apartments are easy to find. Most of the Nissaki apartments are priced at lower costs that are pocket friendly. This is a characteristic of most apartments in Corfu. They are also strategically placed and located near the beaches. The reason why this is an ideal location for people seeking for some private moments is because it is small with less people.

Fun activities in this village are to die for because they are very interesting. Boat riding is one of the major activities that are on the rise in Nissaki. Most people are taking part in this activity because it’s quite entertaining especially when one is viewing the beautiful scenery of the sea. There are many boats for hire placed on the shores or in the towns. One has to pay for the charges before taking the boat to the seas. Another reason why apartments in Corfu are located near the shoes is to make it simpler for people who want to view different views of the sea to do so. Kassiopi and Agni are other bays that surround the Nissaki village. They provide some of the best entertaining joints at night when it’s quite in Nissaki village.

Delicious and a wide range of foods are provided in the different Tavernas in Nissaki village. People who may need to refresh and have some soft drinks just visit these tavernas and have the best cocktails. For people who may want to form meetings and entertaining joints on the beach, there are umbrellas and sunshades which will facilitate that. They are hired and later placed on the beach to provide shade. Some other places of interest in Nissaki village are Aphrodite Nissaki Corfu which is one of the biggest supermarkets in this area and Katerina’s Super Market and rent a car sevices. There are many curio shops for selling curios to the tourists.