A small but pretty village based on the North eastern part of Corfu has all what it takes for you to enjoy every moment of your holiday. Some people may think that it is very little to offer any form of fun but they are wrong! Why can’t try and see all by yourself? It’s not a rumor anymore; Nissaki village is one of the most visited areas in the world. It has some of the most unique and incredible attractive sites unlike other areas. Nissaki is Greek word which means little, this small island which is horse shaped is filled with fine pebbles, shallow beaches and crystal clear waters especially during the summers. The buildings found in this bay are glamorous. Just like the ancient times where the locals specialized in shaping stones for building, this area has never lagged behind in coming up with great designed buildings.

Accommodation in Nissaki

Have you had a chance of seeing the villas in Nissaki village? They are so elegant! Most of them are look-a-likes of the ancient buildings which had creative designed architectural forms. Accommodation in Nissaki is never stress or hassle. There are many hotels, lounges, restaurants and villas which provide accommodation. Most  holiday rentals are strategically placed to suit the needs of either the locals or tourists. There are many low cost apartments in this village to cater people of different social classes. The lower costs in accommodation have really made it possible for people to travel to this incredible site without getting worried about high hotel prices.

In Nissaki, no night clubs are found thus the nights might be quite silent and boring. All in all, there is no need to worry because of the taxi services that are always ready to move from one place to another. But there are tavernas which ensure that people get the finest kinds of cocktails especially during the summers. They serve as meeting and chatting joints of many people even on winters and the most known are Nissaki Sea View Restaurant-Bar, ‘I Parea’, Vitamins Taverna, Taverna Mitsos, Taverna Anthi and Taverna Olive Press and Roumeli Taverna . There are also hotels located in different parts of Nissaki village providing the best dishes from all parts of the world. Presence of some few bars and cafes for relaxation and more fun are just some of the few reasons why people from all walks of life should visit this place.

Activities in Nissaki

For those who have a misjudged conception that Nissaki village is too small and has very few interesting spots, they should get it clear from now on! Nissaki village has all it takes to host and entertain many people. Activities such as snorkeling and skiing are just some of the few examples. Adventures to the seas and climbing high the Albania Mountains are others which most people yearn to ever do. As all other Corfu apartments, the buildings found in Nissaki are not only amazing inside but also on the outside. They are eye pleasing and arranged well to cover the little space.