I once heard someone complaining of how he is bored of always touring sites which end up having the same forms of sites and fun activities. I was really disturbed by this comment because I knew some of the best places with unique and exquisite features. The only place that struck my mind at an instant was Nissaki village. If only I had time to convince the person about the ever mesmerizing features of this place, I would have. Its located north east of Corfu, this village is the ideal destination for people running away from hustles and noise of life. For couples and parents who want to spend some nice and private moments with their kids, this is the place they should be. During the ancient times, this location was known for stone carving where the locals shaped the stones for building.

From those days, Nissaki village has risen to develop to become one of the most targeted attraction sites in the globe. Even though it’s quite small it’s very pretty and outstanding. This is the main reason why it is an ideal place for few people who want to have fun. Fortunately, there are many hotels, villas and restaurants which offer accommodation for all the locals and tourists who visit the region. Most apartments in Nissaki are cheaper and most of them located along the beaches to improve accessibility. The villas are amazing, to die for. The spacious rooms and quality amenities found in low cost apartments are also incredible. Nowadays, accommodation has been a major issue to most travelers because one has to pay a lot but in Nissaki village, that is something of the past.

Most apartments in Corfu offer pocket friendly prices for the services they offer. This makes it easier for tourists to enjoy their time in this island. High rates on accommodation sends tourists away but they are warmly welcomed in Nissaki village. Swimming pools in Nissaki apartments are also an extra credit to the main reason as why couples needing some private moments tour this village. Found on north eastern part of Corfu, this bay has become one of the highly rated visited spots on the globe. The beautiful and attractive Albania and Pantokrator Mountains and their slopes, Kaminaki beach and the very many tavernas which ensure that people are always refreshed with cool cocktails are just some of the splendid things found on this island.

Most of the low cost apartments are located near the shores of the beaches. The architectural forms of most of the villas interesting and resemble the ancient buildings made by the Greeks. There are many fun activities carried out on this bay such as boat riding and skiing. Most of these boats are placed for hire at pocket friendly prices. You will never lack something to do when on this island because there are many things that are entertaining which can be easily done. Nissaki village is not livelier at night but there are taxis which can make possible for one to go to other resorts to enjoy the nights and back to the hotel room.