About Nissaki village Posted January 19, 2013


Are you straining hard and thinking of a place to spend your vacations? Do you want a cool place away from all the hassle and bustle of life? There is an answer for you! Nissaki village! Don’t think anymore, travel and see the beauty of nature. Found in Northeast of Corfu, Nissaki is a small beach, safe and quite form people who are tired of noise and want to spend some cool and nice time. This village is made up of scattered settlements such as the vibrant foothills of Pantokrator Mountain. Just after leaving Barbari bay, this popular tourist attraction site is found. About the history of this location, nothing much is said talked of it but one common thing about it is that it’s quite silent and calm. The word ‘Nissaki’ means a little island in Greek.

Beaches near Nissaki

The ideal place for swimming in this village is known as Kaminaki beach. Filled with small pebbles and white rocks on both ends, this beach provides a suitable place for the children to swim and play other their games. The shallow and crystal clear waters are always fun when playing on. In terms of accommodation, most Nissaki apartments are strategically located near the beaches to make accessibility easier. Most of the low cost apartments spread along the coastline. Lower rates are charged for the hotels and villas and this is one of the major reasons why this location is preferred by most tourists. There is plenty of accommodation provided by hotels, apartments and villas.

Apartments and holiday rentals

Most of apartments and holiday rentals in Nissaki are spacious and filled with lots of entertaining joints and interesting amenities such as swimming pools and skating surfaces. Generally, Nissaki is a good touring site for all ages who admire calm conditions. The communities in this area are friendly and their hospitality is incredible. They always welcome the visitors and show them how to fish or carry out some of their cultural activities. At times, Nissaki is quite silent and night but with the help of services provided by taxi drivers, visiting other bays such as Kassiopi and Ipsos which always have livelier nights. The safety of the beaches in Nissaki is guaranteed, it is located away from the main road and people are always employed to look after the children.

Tavernas in Nissaki

Some of the few places of interest in Nissaki are the Pantoktator Mountain, abandoned villages in Nissaki uplands, the marvelous walks, ample wildlife and the Albania Mountains. The most common Taverna is known as Taverna Anthis which is located just above Nissaki village. It’s a common spot where most locals meet especially during the winters. They serve as suitable joints where people can chat. Other tavernas are Taverna Olive Press located opposite the Nissaki harbor, Taverna Mitsos which is one of the oldest, Vitamins taverna located near the beach. There are many supermarkets (such as Katerina’s Super Market) and shops where different products are sold to cater for the needs of the locals and tourist. Curio shops are also common in this village for people who might be interested in buying artifacts.